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Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

We, at Goodman and all of our subsidiary companies(1), understand and place great emphasis on the importance of privacy. We also recognize the importance of our obligation to ensure the privacy of our customers, clients, business partners and all others whose personal information(2) we are in possession of. This Privacy Policy states our commitment to privacy, details the steps we take to safeguard personal information that we acquire through this web site and explains how we use that information.

  1. 1.Acquisition of personal information.

    The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain in detail exactly how we use personal information that we have acquired through this web site.
    The following means of acquiring information have been omitted from this Privacy Policy:

    1. (1)Through exchange of business cards, etc. during an interview with one of our sales representatives.
    2. (2)Receiving business cards, brochures, etc. at events such as conferences or seminars.

    Personal information acquired in these situations may be used when presenting our products and services for marketing purposes through e-mail and during face-to-face business meetings.

  2. 2.Management of personal information.

    As we understand and value the importance of keeping your personal information private, we take all appropriate measures in accordance with all ordinances, guidelines and bylaws to prevent any disclosure, alteration or loss of personal information, or any use of personal information other than the intended purpose.
    Furthermore, all employees have undergone information management training to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.

  3. 3.Use of personal information.

    Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the intended purpose with the following exceptions:

    1. (1)Consent of the party for which the information is concerned.
    2. (2)The information is unidentifiable (statistical data, etc.).
    3. (3)Use outside of intended purpose is allowed by ordinances or guidelines.
  4. 4.Disclosure of personal information to third parties (3)

    We will not disclose personal information to third parties with the following exceptions:

    1. (1)Consent of the party for which the information is concerned.
    2. (2)The information is unidentifiable (statistical data, etc.).
    3. (3)Disclosing information to our distributors or consignees of business affairs bearing the responsibility of preserving confidentiality (hereafter referred to as “business partners”) to the extent necessary to execute the intended purpose.
    4. (4)In the event that it is deemed reasonable and appropriate to supply a business partner with contents of documents requested by said business partner in order to facilitate a timely, informed response to your inquiry.
    5. (5)When a payment is made for a product purchase or service charge, personal information may be supplied to a financial institution (bank, etc.) to properly settle the account.
    6. (6)An entity within our company is acquired or inherited by another company (any and all possible measures will be taken to protect personal information from being disclosed to the acquiring company, or being used for any purpose other than the intended purpose).
    7. (7)Disclosure to a third party according to ordinances and guidelines.
    8. (8)Disclosure of personal information as ordered by judicial branch or administrative body based on ordinances and guidelines.
  5. 5.Regarding inquiries about personal information

    In the event that you have an inquiry about, or wish to make any amendments or revisions to your personal information, please contact the person or department in charge (inquiries may be made on the web site by clicking on “Contact Us”) and we will provide prompt support.
    In order to prevent illegal acquisition or alteration of your personal information by third parties, we ask for your cooperation in confirmation of certain matters.

  6. 6.Regarding the handling of your requests, opinions and comments.

    We reserve the right to use any and all requests, opinions and proposals that we for any purpose without limitations. However, we will acquire permission before making any official announcements or disclosing to a third party regarding any information that may identify you.

  7. 7.Regarding the handling of personal information on our web site.

    1. 7.1cookies(4), web beacons(5) and IP addresses(6)

      Information acquired through our company web site by cookies, web beacons and IP addresses may utilized for the following purposes:

      1. (1)To ensure the resolution of any trouble or interference with the server.
      2. (2)To improve the contents of our web site and e-mail.
      3. (3)To customize the contents of our web site and e-mail for each individual user.
      4. (4)By registering for our membership system, information such as your browsing history and questionnaire/survey results may be collected and used for marketing purposes.
      5. (5)To be used as anonymous statistical data.

      By changing the settings of your internet browser to block cookies, all cookies and beacons from our web site will be blocked from your browser files. However, doing so may disable certain functions or prevent you from customizing our web site to fit your preferences.

    2. 7.2SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

      In order to prevent interception of personal information by a third party, we use a SSL (Security Sockets Layer) with password protection and corresponding technology on this web site managed by Goodman(7). However, depending on your computer settings, there are circumstances in which this technology can not be utilized. In this case, the safety of any data transferred between your computer and our web site can not be guaranteed.

    3. 7.3Regulations for individual use

      If there is a special regulation different from the regulations outlined in this Privacy Policy, appropriate regulations may be applied according to preference.

    4. 7.4Links to other websites

      This web site may contain links to other web sites. Although we may supply you with these links, we do not manage, control or monitor any web sites other than this one. This Privacy Policy applies to this web site and this web site only. We are not responsible for the handling of your personal information when visiting web sites linked on this web site or any other web site you may visit.
      We advise that you carefully read and understand the Privacy Policy of every web site that you visit outside of this web site in order to be fully aware of how your personal information may be used.

  8. 8.Compliance with laws and ordinances

    We comply with all laws and ordinances applied to the use and handling of personal information.


Goodman Co., Ltd
President and CEO  Yasushi Oyama

  1. (1)A “Subsidiary” is defined as a company that which Goodman holds a majority vote over, or is either directly or indirectly run by Goodman.
  2. (2)“Personal information” is information that we collect through this web site for business purposes that can be used to identify you such as your name, age, birth date, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place of employment and credit card number.
  3. (3)When personal data is used within this company (an identifiable organization), we do not disclose any information to third parties in accordance to the Personal Information Protection Law article 23 section 4 number 3.
  4. (4)A “Cookie” is a text file that may be placed in the browser files of your computer upon visiting our web site to collect non-personal browser identification information.
  5. (5)A “Web beacon” uses cookies to collect statistical information about web site access.
  6. (6)“IP address” refers to a number that can be used to specify or identify your computer (the computer user or owner can not be identified).
  7. (7)Due to limitations of the system, there may be sections of the webpage that are not supported by SSL. Because of these limitations, we can not guarantee the safety of all communications made through our web site.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason.
We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy each time you visit this website in order to be aware of any updates or revisions that have been made.